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With Your Feet In The Air And Your Head On The Ground, Try This Trick And Spin It, Yeah..

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Well yeah, Sir... this page is for class purposes. So
look at what you want to . . yeah.







Sylvia Plath 


I guess you could consider this my bio. Yep, 
I think this picture up here describes plenty. 
[not me, just so you know]

and if the ocean has stairs we've met them,
dragging our colors to throw into the waves..
hoping that some will be caught and taken away.
while here it is decided that I will be yours again
as I sketched your pretty face..

. ... . . . . . . .. . .. .\\\


Isn't she glamorous?


And blame is for no one but ourselves to soak in,
and wake up fresh too in the morning..
Thrown into empty vases to place that star into your eye.
You are only happy, when you are not at fault
-.our attempts to escape another.-