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Adult Wallpapers

I have scoured the web to find erotic and adult wallpapers.
Below are links to what I have found and a few samples that are easily accessible.

A Few Samples

My all time favorite: Elfbrand

basehead has a few good ones. Look in the celebrities as well as females

There are a few good ones at Pixelhigh

DesktopStars is a great place

DesktopGirls is the sister site to DesktopStars has some great pics

Deviantart has a lot of things. The adult wallpapers are scattered around

Beach Wallpaper. And no I dont' mean pictures of sand

Here is a place full of hot women. Not much nudity

Desktopia Has some great backgrounds...Nude ones are in there

Fantasy Desktops

This site has some Awesome backgrounds

If you haven't heard of Coolbuddy you haven't been looking for wallpapers