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Color: Black
Weight: 115 lbs
Height: 25 in
Head: 25 in

100% "LAND OF GIANTS". This is the one that got away!! If you know anything about these dogs and Ken Buzzell, the owner of LAND OF GIANTS KENNELS. You will never be able to breed you dog unless you have a contract with him. "Meathead's" sire is GIANTS'S "GOLD COIN" and dam is GIANT'S "ROYAL QUEEN". He is ADBA/UKC registered. "Meathead has great temperment and intelligence. He has sired over 120 dogs and now is your chance to own one. With dogs like GIANT'S "DIESEL", "GOLD RUSH", "BLACK SABBATH", "JUNKYARD REJECT", "LITTE BABE", "CONAN KHAN", and DORR'S "SPACEMAN", "ATHENA","COCO PUFF", "JENNY", CARVER'S "MASK RIDER", "TORO", "ORPHAN ANNY", GRINGO FREEMAN'S "PREACHER BOY", "SASSY PUPPET". How can you go wrong?






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