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My musical adventures


My interests in music include:
1) Classic Rock
2) Jazz Improvization
3) Jason Cheek
If you were to ask me what kind of music I like, inevitably, the conversation would end with you getting bored and with me rambling about some musical theory or a band of some sort. What kinds of music do I like? Well there are many types of music that I like. My passion in music is classical piano. I have played the piano since I was 5 years old. Although I should be incredibly better than that by now, I have come out of the experience with a deep appreciation of music and various genres and types of music. If you were to see me as a young child, you might see me at one of these...This is a yamaha grand piano. I grew up playing on this piano.

Then, as I progressed in music, so did the instruments that I played. I started playing one of these in 7th grade...Pictured below is the ovation that I learned to played on.

This is an ovation acoustic/electric guitar I actually got it in 2002, but I have been playing the acoustic guitar since 7th grade. Next I moved on to electric guitar. Prepare yoursleves for this next photograph. Infact, I need to devote a whole page to this bad boy. I started playing the guitar this summer...Sweet Guitar