"Correct, that's the first step, and soon you will see, that the black keys show a pattern, from low "C" to high "B"." "The pattern is 2 and 3?" "Naturally!, now you see!" "But 2 and 3 of what?" "Why, whole steps in the scale!" "And parts with no black?" "That's just notes back to back, Touching each other. A half step apart, the sharp or flat of the other." "The sharp or flat of the other?" "That's correct, now you see." "So... "c" is...?" "The sharp of "B".And "B" is..." "The flat of "C"." "So then lets see..." It was then that around, the boy shifted rocks on the ground. He placed 2 dark ones, then 3, in line, spaced slightly. Then picking up rocks of a lighter quartz ore, under the 2 he placed "3", and under the 3 he placed "4". And just when he thought he could take no more, the bunny stepped in, and said, "Let's begin." "Now as you can see, from the "C" to the "E", you have 2 dark rocks, and from "E" to "F"..." "There is no dark stone." "A half step to "F", the sharp of "E" tone." "From "F" and then "G", then "A" and to "B". the whole steps encountered are numbered to 3." "So that's whole, whole, half, whole, whole, whole..." "Taking you to "B"." The boy nodded his head but then tilted and said. "But at the end of the last 3, whole steps to the "B", you then half step to "C"..." "Tripping the octave, naturally..., back to the first of the higher "octave", or the eighth whichever works." The boy could now see, that instead of "C" "D" "E" it would be "1" "2" "3",