Shlekk was leaning back in the piolet's chair of the spacecraft, he had the controls set to autopiolet as they flew to jupiter.

"Hey, this is like that movie"

Shlekk looked at Barnes as Barnes talked.

"What movie?" asked Shlekk.

"You know, that 2001 something, where the computer kills the crew"

"Oh yeah..."What are you doing Dave? Dont do that Dave",".

Barnes laughs at Shlekk's imitation of the computer on that movie, whose name was HAL.

Shlekk and Barnes were flying to Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter. The Blung had set up a sort of intergalactic trading post in the sol system. Barnes and Shlekk had saved credits for a whole year (Earth year) and were going to visit the mega mall built under the water ocean of ...., one of Jupiters moons. The natural radiation shelter of the water not only protected one form the unadulterated sun's radiation, but from Jupiter.