Faux Inversion

I travel a cold and barren road,
the cruelty and despair I've felt cannot be told.
Disappointment on a dark horse comes even now,
to win this race I wonder how.
Inner beauty and tender kindness is my goal,
a sensitivity that reaches deep within the soul.
I come upon a fork on my chosen path,
is this the one I dare ask.

A face bright like a new moon in summer,
but moved by a different drummer.
The flickering flame of a passionate heart,
colors of emotion flowing in the spirit like a work of art.
But, this special one stares into the gulf ,
inner reflections that go beyond.
I opened myself and showed my true nature,
my essence and message pure.
I sprinkled it with kindness and care,and more I will share.
From my heart, soul, and mind;
a gift that is rare to find.

Like a flower wrapped in its pod;
to see this rare beauty bloom I ask God.
Where upon faith and prayer fulfill,
subtle themes reveal his will.
The message is clear,
you must nourish and care.
For that what you hold so dear,
let all your tenderness come to bare.

Even so, It may not be devined to be mine.
Yet, for all my tinkering it seems for naught,
perhaps I should surmise and be taught.
I may not be the grand prince to open this treasure.
I am alone for a short - until the end. -
Time ; Is it the begining or the end ?..

Poem by

Jon Chamberlin; Written 1978-Posted @2005.

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