" Floor 51"

Setting : A 55 story office building on an extended lot of a business park.

Time : Mid-afternoon; after the lunch hours. The is sun casting a yellowish-red light on the 'outside'.

Outside : Sometime, during the events that are to take place; you get a quick view of well-manicured grass, bushes and a few sparse young trees- through the very bright glare of the sun.

While walking down the hallway; you enter a back- entrance hall and see an office worker dangling from a pipe [ probably a pipe from the sprinkler system ] and whining in a high pitched voice, ' Oh, God, I've got to.... he's gonna get me!! " Before you can ask what is wrong; you hear the low roaring bellow of an animal and crash of wood. This sound is familiar and yet, unfamiliar at the same time. A sound of primal strength; borne from anger and hunger. You sense the " Air of the HUNT" in the low growling sounds. You can almost see the saliva dripping from it's toothy mouth. The hot breath fogging the chilled air of the fancy air conditioned offices. A cold chilled feeling of fear creeps over you. It is as if the hairs on your head are standing on end. All thoughts of sanity and calmness flee from you. The reason you are in this office building has escaped you. You can recall nothing of any sane reasoning. All you know is the urgency and need to escape the inescapable. The assured promise of horror and pain fills all your senses. As you madly scramble to join the office worker up on the sprinkler pipe, the creature bursts through and is in the hall. It can speak!! It calmly says in a calculating basso-voice that it time to pay the price. That no one ever escapes!! In your innermost parts you feel and know this to be true. And that old legend has truth in it. You now know that you have heard that growling before! You close your eyes in the belief that will snag your legs and pull you down to your death. Yet, you still unconsciously pull yourself up onto the pipe. Suddenly, a scream of torturous pain echoes in the hall!! It is not your voice; but, the voice of the office worker who wails for redemption from this horrible death. You open your eyes to see; not the awesomely horrible visage of a beast. But, only the appearance and shape of a man. There is no blood dripping from his mouth or the look of crazed insanity in his eyes. He is a man of unusual features; he is agile, and extremely strong arms and body. A sort of stocky build; a mass of muscle and tactile strength. His attention is on the office worker; he has placed a chair directly below and pulled forcibly from off of the pipe. You look away momentarily to clear your legs up, where you cannot be reached. And, before you can look around to see what is going on; you hear a ripping noise like you've never heard before. The office worker's cries of terror are cut off in mid-scream. You jump to see what has occurred. And you find the office worker has been separated from his legs at just below his navel. No time to assess the gross horror of the bleeding mess for the office worker was already dead. You also realize that the man is staring up at you!! He seems to have glimmer of amusement in his otherwise unemotional face. He begins to speak in a matter- of-fact tone of voice as he quickly and efficiently places the deadman on 2 separate tables and arranges his body parts in a presentable manner. He introduces himself as Mr. Minos [ you imagine or actually see the horns of a Bull protruding from his brow. And recognize the bullish features of his body]. This already being a strange thing in itself; you find that it almost seemingly incongruent that he be so agile and lilthe in movement. As you watch him and listen ; you realize that he is the ultimate assassin; the ultimate killer. Without fear or remorse. It is his job. Every movement and step appearing to be previously thought out and planned. A sign of extreme intellect. You know you are priveleged to hear and observe him at his work. You also know that this also means that you will die as well!!