Are You a bonehead?

Well, uh, ddon't make it, duh, a habit, man, like we know, Okay! It's like; really habit forming, bad for your longterm health, and even like, counterproductive to having a normal prosperous or even decent lifestyle!!

Dr. Dave says it can like, really burnout your braincells and make you forget stuff and ah, what was I say'in ???

Rach says; dam, you fools don't do as we do; do as the wise ones tell ya and you'll be okay, dam...

Prof. Craig says " To be or not be COOL ", that is not the question. Education and vocabulary are my 'drugs'; and they have enhanced my life!! Hither to fore,Niether, ahem, are the subject here; ahem, I would say no to forming a habit to any kind of artificial enhancement by drugs, unless I was terminally ill.

PhatAzz said, Excuse me, pass the grey poupon, please, buuurrrpp!! Ooops, I ah, don't beleive in making some fool rich off of my bad habits; and besides the surgeon general said it don't last long enough, anyway. So get high off adrenalin; which is naturally produced in your own body and "Kick D'em Pushers to 'Da curb, man!!!"

This has been a message from the JDJ Anni-Drug Campaign, and the Counsel of Sponseredmoney Needs for the Underpriviledged Bandsmen of the South[S.N.U.B.S.]

The music is backwards,too ; listen for a message on playback-HA,ha,ha,haaah....