99 degrees of Psyhic Torsion

by J.C. & W.F.

No one knows exactly how it happens or why. Or even when it will happen and to whom or to what. It is a real mystery of the ages. In every era there is one great event or series of events that ascribes to the phenomenon. An event that may be contained to one individual, or to an entire nation or continent. It maybe caused by a simple drop of a an apple-to the head of a dreaming fool. It could be caused by the uncontr- ollable greed of a politician. Or the mishappen trod, of a bewildered fool; upon the triggering device of a explosive machine. Be that as it may, our story concerns 2 average, bumbling teenagers and an overthehill underachiever........... As the sun settled into it's slow decline into the latter part of the martian day; Flloyd (the oldest of the group) smiled in his usual sort of way and said " Hey, man, Let's take a break and 'slurrpp' some 'GEL' !!" To this remark; Myrick responded with a chorus of " Yeah!!, ssslluuurrpp-burrrp!!" With Dorand joining in at the ssslluurrpp parts. This resulted in their usual laughter and snickers. Flloyd had already cleared the 10 ft. gap to the exit door. And was walking out into the martian evening; barely waiting for their responses to his suggestion. Alot had happened, since the human race had developed commercial spaceflight. They began colonizing as early as 50 years after the first rocket left earth's atmosphere. With all their technology and manufactured goods, there still remained many people who were still unsatisfied with the quality of life it offered. Dreamers, hermits, poets, and the like still could not throughly function in this world. Drugs, religious cults, zealots and others still profited by these poor people. A new drug had made it's way into this reality called the 'GeL' . A substance not unusual in itself; but, the production of it was discovered accidently on mars. It was originally apart of an agricultural experiment to increase the oxygen of the atmosphere. But, by the accidental rupture of a Cold Fusion storage unit and the playful antics of a pyromaniac with a reactor core igniter on the purple fungus resulted in a multibillion dollar profit. In effect the specimen of healthy purple fungus was freeze -dried and then Flash-baked in seconds producing a greenish brown gel. The Gel held ten times the amount of THc than marijuana; and was cheaper & quicker to produce. This gel could be smoked, sniffed, or eaten giving the user a 'high' and 'trip' beyond any that they had ever known. It reported to have started 3 religious cults and turned out 1,000 zealots of every possible genre. Some avant-guarde artists purport to have used it to produce even better works. As well as a few theorists to pop-off some new ideas of evoulution.

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