99 Degrees Page 4

Communiations throughout the systems, although spanning almost 70 light years, was virtually instantaneous.The main peice of technology that made the almost instantaneous transfer of information possible was the Saffartti Device.

Saffartti had shown in the late 20th century that a light beam that is split into 2 directions via a partially silvered mirror are still "intrinsically" part of the same beam, so that whatever happens to the side that was split off from the main beam at a 90 degree angle would affect the main beam also. It was shown using polorizing filters that if the side beam were polarized horizontally, then the main beam would instantaneously become polarized vertically, and visa versa. It did not mattere how far from each other the beams had become, from a few light hours, to a few light years.

Reports kept coming in from all over the sectors. At first it seemed only Sol sector was affected, but after a few "days" all the other systems began displaying similar behaviour. It was as if a bubble of energy was issuing in all directions, with earth as it's locus.