Chapter One


Beware: That all sources of information; may also be corruptable to a certain unameable percentage. As well as, the fact that the only source of truth is that which you see or experience for yourself. According to early 20th century records; a unrenowned bandleader who went by the moniker 'Spank' was popular for only 3 years. It was an era of fast moving people and times. And the 'Rog Snafus" was a fusion jazz/rock group from the latter half of the 20th century. This does appear to be a conflict of terms; however; it is not entirely out of the range of possibility that these people did in fact join together and play jazz and blues in the 22nd century..

It was in 1923 that a german scientist had done experiments on people in which he had prolonged their lives, as well as claimed to have enhanced them. And Spank Melon was in fact touring Europe at the time. It seems that this scientist and Spank shared an interest in very old wine; and young women-at the well known Aux Follies Club of Hamburg.(they kept a guest book of famous visitors).

Also, the now well-known 'Temporal Gateway Service' was a free based community program. Much like the 'Linux Net Corps' open source project was done in the late 20th century. 'Oh, little children, there was time travel before we had official time traveling.' No Visas, no customs, no pre-hyno and post-hypno, none of that fancy pscho-streaming for the torsion effects or Brace Chairs and buckles for the distortion waves. These were straight out hardy pioneers of the 'Time Frontier'. Yes, the consequences of such foolhardy acts could be insanity or death; no one said they were sane or intelligent to start with. The history matches - in a way - and the photos match! The overall sound matches the sound of the original recordings of the Rog Snafus!!

You be the judge.........

Prologue: The Planar Plains Gig

09:42p.m. e.s

[earth standard]

Spank laughed and replied ,'I am who I am,Sam!', and returned the reporters stoic stare with his prize winning grin. At this moment, Big Harve' [Harvey] barged between them and faced the reporter. This left the reporter with nothing in his line of sight, but Big Harve's big dark blue vested chest. Which moved rythmically with his heavy breathing. The reporter could'nt help but notice the mustard stains on the left pocket. The aroma of strong mustard assailed his nostrils to the point of nausea. A bassy voice boomed down and said, ' Hey, aren't cha' gonna ask me about my Kenthar Board and how I modified it for Jazz?' . The reporter eyes tried to follow Spank as he backed away, smiling and waving at the crowd. Suddenly, the overpowering mustard odor blasted into his face and he felt his knees begin to buckle under. With his eyes burning and his head swimming; the reporter tried to turn and lean to see Spank. At the same time; his attempt to verbalize a halt of Harve's assault and regain his quarry of Spank was slurred and engulfed by an unexpected gag reflex. None of which anyone seemed to take any notice or acknowledgement. None of the other visitors seemed to be aware of foul stench or even the trama he was in. When he finally found a place he could open his eyes; he saw that Spank Melon had once again had eluded him. Spank had slipped away in the crowd.

When the reporter finally got his senses in order he found that the only people in the room was the audience and him. The bandmembers had faded back away from him and slipped away as well. He thought perhaps he could trail them by the mustard odor; but all he could smell was his own cologne. "Oh,no!, this is the 5th time he's done that and my editor told me that I was out of a job if I messed up again............besides, my name isn't Sam!"

Big Harve and Carl were laughing heartily as they rode the elevator up to the roof where their aircoach and Spank awaited. At that very moment a call was coming through the ether and causing the aircoach to sound like twisted ambulance. Dowanna, the group's vocal diva, jumped toward the MicroTranceiver to stop the noise and anwser the call. For it was on 'that special frequency' that they used for really important business.

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