Welcome to the 32nd century!

Here in the 32nd century there are 38 billion people, the reason for this small number is of course due to the "Nano Wars" of the 22nd and 23rd centuries. Techniques were later found using 5th dimensional Topography that relegated nano technology to an interesting but ineffective novelty. Most of the people on this planet rest in "energy quabs" of localized stationary pattern formation energy that keeps the individual's pattern information in a 10 centimeter black sphere. As you may know the sphere is not really black, but in reality the radiant energy that would normally be given off is "wrapped" or connected by it's "time-line" (as opposed to thinking of the energy particles as "points"), the complete pattern is determined of course by the "pre-determined" duration of the person's "stasis". this is why a quob starts out small (10 centimeters), bulges to about 15 centimeters at the "half-time" point of the stasis, and shrinks down to 10 again right at the point when the sphere "actualizes into the person that originally went into stasis. The person is none the wiser for the actual passage of time in our reference.

As you know, a person who has "quobbed" or as is usually stated, a person's "quob"(or just a "quob") is very vunerable at this stage. Although a quob is fairly indestructable (as has been shown with animal testing), it can be "de-tangled" (destroyed) using a phlegmon string de-glumper (the person killed), the most famous case was the "Sarah Jarnod" incident. A mother had her 3 year old daughter quobbed because she was dying of an infection of zimbot 5000 manufactured virus that was supposed to only kill the tubercucholera strain 52 bacterium, but because of an otherwise harmless fluke of her genetic pattern she seemed to the virus like a big Tubercucholera bacterium. The mega-corp that created the virus assured the P.C.M.L.C (Planetary Collective Meta Legal Consortium)that a cure and/or an organic "off" switch would be found in 5 years R and D. About a year after she was quobbed there was a burgalary of the Jarnod household. The burglers had used De-Glumpers to enter the force-field "door" of their home. One of the burglers had accidentally set the de-glumpers near her quob and "de-glumped" it. On e of the burglers said that she actually materialized and screamed (this of course is considered to be a Nin-Vigian impossibility in some circles). All of the burglers eventually commited suicide. It was unfortunate that Lady Jarnod (being a "neo-midevalist" and preffering the title "Lady" rather than "snlek" to refer to her gender) had not encassed the quob in a "Flarn" jacket, but even these can be breached, which is why, in large part thanks to the Jarnod foundation, that an AI energy bot was created to guard the precious quob. Which is known affectionately as a "Watchdog".

Because a quob is actually a human life, the foundation constructed a kit to go withe the Watchdog in the almost impossible eventuality that the watch dog may mal-function ("quit" or "die" depending on your theological leanings, or "turn on the quob"). This has never happened so far, but could, (and will according to some state sponsered "seers"). The main component of the kit is of course the "Wegno Syntast Mogrifier" to line up in a sinusiodal standing wave configuration the "Event based" time loop program diagrams. The "watchdog will only exist as long as it's assigned quob" exists so modulation of the "stitched" standing patterns of the quob with the Watchdog's temporal actualizer may be at some point necessary.