The Breathers of Ardini's Whoa(woe)

Part Three

The caravan of people finally came to the largest hill. It was unsually tall, like a burial mound. As they neared the hill; an opening appeared. It grew into a hole large enough for them to enter. The hole led into a cave, which seemed to wind down and down into the heart of the island. The waybearers led the way down without hesitation. Instead of getting darker like most caves; it began to brighten. On each side of this passage were doors placed every few steps of the way. Each door had strange spells in a strange language written across them. On the 33rd step, the faraway voice spoke again and the waybearers halted suddenly.At this point the shipmate saw a flash of blue light and felt a tingling sensatiion and felt himself falling to the cave floor.

After a time, our storyteller awakens in a room large enough to hold all of the shipmates; yet, it only held the ablebodied seamen and himself. In the distance one could hear a humming noise; like a huge bees nest alive with angry bees. This also feared them, for they supposed it was giant bees as well. They asked each other; what has happened for them to find themselves in such unusual circumstances. None had any answers, for all had slept until now. After awhile a hole opened in the wall and a small old man peered in. After a moment he began to speak them. He told them not to be afraid; that all would be well. He also told them food was being prepared for them. All this proclaimed with a huge grin.

We heard clanging noises and then a door opened in the wall and a small man wheeled in a cart with cooked fish and bowls of water. One of the sailors grabbed him and held him aloft. While another asked him where they were and who held them as prisoners. All this, begot nothing but a high pitch whinning from the little man. The little man kicked and railed his arms and answered only in a strange gibberish that we could not understand. Remembering the door, they all turned and found it still open. [Now, you'd think that these guys with the fancy gadgets and clothes, & military style would be smarter than this, nope.] The sailors ran through the door and found themselves in the cave they had come in on. There was a crowd of small men on down the cave mouth talking very excitedly with each other. There were also regular sized men running in and out the different doors. They all appeared either angry or afraid as they ran. Now, our sailors paused for fear of attack; for freeing themselves. Yet, it did not come to pass. They were ignored. The men ran past them with even noticing them. The crowd of small men flittered past them without a second glance. Our sailors saw the strange men and little men clamor for the upper part of the cave. They noticed that all of them wore robes with a unifying coloration in them, as well as specific markings across the chest. The faraway voice boomed into the din, nearly shouting in a short clipped language. This caused all the men to slow or stop and some to turn around and run the other way. The sailors decided it was time to find a way out. Just as they began to go up to the caves mouth, the smiling old man arrived with 4 regular men. He told them that they should return to the room and eat. One of the sailors decided he was still going out. The 4 regular men blocked his way and pushed him back. Suddenly, there was a fight; which lasted only moments before another man pointed and sprayed bluelight on all of them. Well, they all went to sleep again.

When our sailor awakened, he found himself in the same room with his shipmates. The difference was that the very ground shook with a terrible vibration. Strange noises erupted from far and near. Something was wrong. He could hear voices speak in excited and hurried tones. Soon the door opened and the old man peered in again. He did not grin or smile, he simply told them that they must trust him and follow him. He would lead them to safety. Safety from who or what; he did not say. He led them through many doors and passages. Each one different and stranger than the last. Finally, he ascended a flight of stairs that led to large room. In this room were many different types and sizes of ships. And many other things that he did not know the use of, or even to describe.

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