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Jonathan Randall

Welcome to my webpage. I am an amateur bassplayer living in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne (Australia). Please have a look around my webpage and feel free to email me on any questions you might have - or just for a chat.

Contact Me:
Bands : WOW the last few months have been BUSY !!! I am still playing with Taken ( and the In-The-Blues Trio ( which has been doing a heap of work around town.
I have been also working to get a new pop band off the ground called VEX ( which finally had its first gig after almost 18 months in the planning. We had and absolutely awesome time planning at the Village Green with a massive crowd - big shout-out there to our manager and our vocalist's dad who sold a ridiculous number of tickets !

Other than that, a few new toys : managed to pick-up a new PA (see gear list below)
I suppose this is my own form of BLOG - so thats about it for now - Please drop by some of my friends links and support our local artists like 'Bennett' and Shane Dilorio.
Lessons: Happy to help out any fellow aspiring bass players. I can help out with :
* players just starting out
* reading music
* learning songs from cd's
* slap technique
* working in a band

I can also recommend an excellent professional bass teacher (

Im a bit of a collector when it comes to music gear... You can see my bass collection at the bottom of the page (L to R) :
Hammer Slammer - Short scale piccolo (my latest edition)
MusicMan Stingray OLP - Not the real MM but sounds just like one
Ibanez SR-496 - a monster 6 string bass (great fun to play)
Kubicki EX-Factor - my baby !!! The ultimate slap bass
Brice 5 string Jazz - this one might become fretless (recent)
Torch PBass - my first bass bought, by my wife when I was 23
Fender 75 reissue Jazz bass - my latest bass, the tone machine !
Trace Elliot - AH500 head / Trace 4 X 10 (killer sound / Heavy !)
LabSystems SS600 head . LabSystems 1 X 15 (great system)
Electroharmonix - Octave Multiplexer, Q-Tron, Dr Q, BassBalls, Worm
Morley - Dual Bass Wah
Digitech - Rackmount Bass Harmony Machine, DSP 256XL II (Multi effect)
Apple G4 iBook, MOTU audio Interface, Alto HPA4 Headphone distribution system
PA :
JBL EON 15" powered speakers
ALTO L-12 Mixer
SRM450 powered speakers
Favorite Tunes : JAZZ :
Birdland (Weather Report), GoodBye PorkPie Hat (Marcus Miller), So What (Ronny Jordan)

Klunky (DIG), Love Games (Level 42), Flashlight (Parliament), Simple Song (Sly Stone)

Higher Ground (RHCP vers.), Harder to Breathe (Maroon 5), I Dont Want to Be (Gavin DeGraw)
Musical Tastes I guess what I listen to vs. what I play is a bit different. Ive learnt a lot listening to trad. jazz, 70’s disco, or even current Rap...but for general listening Im just as happy putting on some top 40 (except for some of the new style R&B which Im not too keen on)
I really dig all the traditional bass legends like : Stanley Clarke, Stuart Hamm, Mark King, Marcus Miller, Randy Coven. Locally, if you haven't heard Craig Newman play in his band Logic check him out !!!!
Details : Im 39 years old and work a busy 9 - 5 job. Bass is my major hobby and have been playing for about 17 years. I practise about 20 hours per week and still try and fit some bass lessons in for myself.
What do I sound like :

Jammin with the Intafunk crew !!! (2004)

Shining Star 2003 (Full length 2 Meg)

Chain Of Fools 2003 (Sample length 560K)

Pull My Coat 2003 (Sample length 736K)

Cold Sweat 2003 (Sample length 608K)

Show Me 2003 (Sample length 804K)

Cramp Your Style 2003 (Sample length 1 Meg)

Let Go 2003 (Sample length 800K)

Rockin out with VEX (2006)



Solo Bass Work

Bach Prelude #1 in C Major - Kubicki Factor bass

Something Funky - Kubicki Factor bass

Links / Friends:

The Shane Dilorio InTheBlues Trio




Photos : (2002/2003)
In the studio and on stage with IntaFunk
Photos : (2004)
DST band live in StKilda
Photos : (2005)
Live at Beaches with Taken
Photos : (2006)
In the studio and band photo shoot with the original VEX crew
Photos : (2007)
Photos with the new VEX band !!! (now touring)

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