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HI! If you haven't guessed, my name is Jazmine Michelle Lefebvre - Savoie. I'm 20 years old, and live in Cochrane, Ontario, Canada. I was blessed to have a younger brother, David, and awesome parents who have worked their life so hard to give us absolutely everything they could ever give us; including morals and love. I was recently married on August 23, 2003, we had a lovely day. My newlywed husband's name is Pascal Savoie. Of all stuff that I love, my friends are the most important to me. Actually they were all my bridesmaids!! We called them "The Golden Girls"!! My best-friend in the whole wide world is Jody .. (HEY BABY!!).. who has always comforted me and been there through alot. Not to mention all the fun we've had!!!!! It would take forever to explain it all... But I won't bore you with that!! But I will tell you that she is the best damn Bartender"ette" this side of...well ANYWHERE!! The "sister-that-I-never-had", Stacy, who was my Maid of Honor, and my cousin, has just bought a Restaurant here in town.....figure it out and go try the food!!!!! My wine Buddy and Laugh-aholic, Natalie, who's been there forever too. Worked with her at the HUSKY for years and I love her to death, too. There's also Angele, and Christine (MY MA!!) who I've known for like 5-6 years and worked with them both at the HUSKY, too. All the "Girl's Night Out" at the Chimo...UNFORGETTABLE!! With Jody as our waitress/bartender. We've had awesome times outside of the bar, too!!! And they helped me alot. Been there for me through thick and thin. And last but definately not least, France. I met her when I met Pascal, she is married to his best friend. She can make me laugh just by giggling!! All in all, I love them all with all my heart. I've had great times and memories with them all. Once I get pictures I'll post them! Now, with all that said, I also have a dog, a chocolate lab, named BOSS. Cute as a button, but DAMN!! He has a hard time listening!! I waitress now at the Station, and I have to admit, I actually like it. I also like reading, walking and just driving with nowhere to go, with the music BLARING!!! Which goes to explain all the ROAD TRIPS! So, I guess that's all that there is to me. Kinda boring now that I read it, but hey...c'est la vie!