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The Jack Furlong Quartet

The Jack Furlong Quartet

Jack Furlong

The Man With The Golden Gun...

Musician...Composer...Arranger...Teacher...Ringer...Call him whatever you want, but don't call him late to dinner! Welcome to The Official Jack Furlong Quartet website, here for your information on where to find Jack and his music! Be sure to check out upcoming JFQ gigs as well as other places to catch Jack. Be sure to email us at the address below to get on the mailing list!!

A Jazzebration!

Our new album, "A Jazzebration!" is out now! The CD is a tribute to Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report. Please see below for more information on how to order online!


Safe Sax

The first album with Jack Furlong was with his band Sax Appeal. Released in June, 2002. Featured musicians such as Garret Voorhees on tenor sax and Will Fassbender on drums. All songs written by Jack Furlong.


Album Two was a single and a teaser. Released in March of 2003 by Sax Appeal. Featured two Super Mario Bros. related songs to be released on their next album. Also appearing on this album are Garret Voorhees on tenor sax, Evan Salbego on trumpet, and Will Fassbender on drums.

Sax And The City

Album Three for Sax Appeal. Featured musicians such as Garret Voorhees on tenor sax, Evan Salbego on trumpet, Ryan Smith on vocals, and Will Fassbender on drums. 14 Songs, most written by Jack Furlong.

Live At The Cosmic Cup

Featuring Geoff Levitt, Pat Kelley, and John O'Keefe, this album was shelved just before release.

Bunnies In Limbo

Featuring Sean Gough on piano, Sean Comerford on bass, and John O'Keefe on drums. Bunnies In Limbo is the first CD released by the JFQ. Featuring six original songs written by Jack Furlong. To order, follow the appropriate link below.

Ordering CDs

To order A Jazzebration! or Bunnies In Limbo, please follow the appropriate links below to purchase them from They'll take care of absolutely everything for you. Thanks for ordering!

Upcoming JFQ and Jack Furlong Gigs

Click on the below links to buy CDs from as well to visit our sponsors and our venues:

Click to purchase A Jazzebration!
Click to purchase Bunnies In Limbo
JFQ on Myspace
Chris' Jazz Cafe
Off Broadstreet Theater
Sam Ash Music
Orpha's Coffeehouse
Alchemist & Barrister
Christopher's Bar
John & Peter's
The Cosmic Cup
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