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Do you play guitar- Yes

Type of Guitar I Own- B.C. Rich

Favorite Sport- Skateboarding

Type of Skateboard I own- Baker

Favorite type of Skateboard- Baker

Favorite Skateboarder- Brian Sumner















Favorite Band- Cradle of Filth

Favorite Song- Lord Abortion

Favorite Guitarist- Paul Allender

Favorite Singer- Dani Filth

Favorite Type of Music- Black Metal

Favorite type of Guitar- 513 PRS Guitars














Favorite time period- Egyptian

Favorite part of school- Lunch

Favorite time of the day- Night

Favorite Holiday- Halloween

Favorite class- Into to Speech















Do you like to read- Yes

What Type of books do you read- Books on Astral Travel and Other Dimensions

Do you have a pet- Yes

Favorite Book- Vampires the Occult Truth

What Kind of pet do you have- Cat

What is the name of your Cat- Mittens

Favorite Car- 69 Nova

Favorite Color- Blue

Favorite Food- Tacos

Favorite Clothing Brand- Tripp

Favorite super hero- Spiderman

Favorite Type of shoe- Adio

Favorite Web Site-








Favorite Show- Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Favorite Cartoon- Family Guy

Favorite Movie- Dahmer

Favorite video game- Final Fantasy 7

Favorite super hero- Inu Yasha