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History of Bahawalpur.

The founder of the state of Bahawalpur was Nawab Bahawal Khan Abbasi I. The Abbasi family ruled over the State for more than 200 years (1748 to 1954). During the rule of the last Nawab Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan Abbasi V, Bahawalpur State was merged with Pakistan in 1954. Bahawalpur was formerly the capital of the state and now is the District and Divisional Headquarters of Bahawalpur Division. It is an important marketing centre for the surrounding areas and is located on the crossroads between Peshawar, Lahore, Quetta and Karachi. Saraiki is the local language of the area. Urdu, Punjabi and English are also spoken and understood by most of the people

Bahawalpur is also known for its distinctly embroidered slippers and shoes and the filigree pottery, which is made here.  It has a marble mosque in the Fawara Chowk and a few British buildings like the Science College.  Bahawalpur has a modest museum having a fine collection of coins, medals, postage stamps of former State of Bahawalpur, manuscripts, documents, inscriptions, wood carvings, camel skin paintings, historical models and stone carving etc. of Islamic and pre-Islamic period


Head of the Royal Family:
HH Nawab ..., The Ameer of Bahawalpur (The Sadiq Garh Palace, Bahawalpur)

ORDERS AND DECORATIONS: O. Abbas (Imtiaz i Abbasia)

O. Attendance (Imtiaz Huzoori)

O. Haroun (Imtiaz i Haroonia)

O. Sutlej (Imtiaz i Satlej)

HH Nawab Salauddin Ahmad Khan, 14th Ameer of Bahawalpur since 14/4/1988, 27/7/1946

Pce Haroun

Sadiq Muhammad Khan I, 1st Ameer of Bahawalpur 1739-1746. Father of:

Nawab Muhammad Bahawal Khan I, 2nd Ameer of Bahawalpur 1746-1749. Brother of:

Nawab Mubarak Khan, 3rd Ameer of Bahawalpur 1749-1772

Nawab Muhammad Bahawal Khan II, 4th Ameer of Bahawalpur 1772-1809. Son of the brother of 3rd Ameer Mubarak Khan and father of:

Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan II, 5th Ameer of Bahawalpur 1809-1825. Father of:

Nawab Muhammad Bahawal Khan III, 6th Ameer of Bahawalpur 1825-1852. Father of:

Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan III, 7th Ameer of Bahawalpur 1852-1853. Brother of:

Nawab Fateh Muhammad Khan, 8th Ameer of Bahawalpur 1853-1858. Father of:

Nawab Muhammad Bahawal Khan IV, 9th Ameer of Bahawalpur 1858-1866. Father of:

HH Nawab Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan IV, 10th Ameer of Bahawalpur 1866-1899. Father of:

HH Nawab al Haj Muhammad Bahawal Khan V Abbasi Bahadur, 11th Ameer of Bahawalpur 1899-1906 or 1907. Father of:

HH Nawab al Haj Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan V Abbasi Bahadur, 12th Ameer of Bahawalpur 1907-deposed 1955, mbr of the Standing Committee of the Chamber of Princes 1933-1947, mbr of the Indian Defence Council 1940-1946, Aide de Camp to HRH The Pce of Wales during Indian Tour 1921-1922, Cdr in Chief of Bahawalpur Forces, hon Dr of Laws Punjab Univ, Pakistan and Aligarh Univ, British Major Gen 1946, Gen in the Pakistan Army 1955, GCSI 1941, GCIE 1931, KCSI 1929, KCVO 1922, GrCordon of Rafeyadain (Iraq) 1941, O.Cedar (Lebanon) 1947, educ Aitchison Chiefs College, Lahore, 30/9/1904, +24/5/1966, X 1921 ..., daughter of Sahibzada Faiz Muhammad Khan. Father of:

HH Nawab Muhammad Abbas Ali Khan Abbasi, 13th Ameer of Bahawalpur 1955-14/4/1988, 22/3/1924, +14/4/1988. Father of:

HH Nawab Salauddin Ahmad Khan, 14th Ameer of Bahawalpur since 14/4/1988 (see above, Head of the Royal Family)