The Ballad Bistro - Lunch Menu
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1112 Manchester Road
Boonieville, TN 39586

(954) 305-5555

Hours of Operation: 12:00pm - 12:00am

Online orders available for delivery from 12:00pm - 10:00pm





Summer Fruit and Ricotta Dip

Mushroom Caviar
(Sourdough rounds topped with shiitake, portobello & button mushrooms w/ balsamic reduction & wild herbs)
$ 17.99
Mixed Olive Tapenada
(Sourdough rounds topped with kalamata & oil cured olives with caperberries, Italian parsley, garlic & extra virgin olive oil)
$ 19.95
Summer Fruit and Ricotta Dip
(A refreshing blend of crisp tropical fruits with a yogurt honey glazed dip)
$ 12.99


Soups & Salads  



Mixed Field Green with Gorganzola

Garden Salad
(Mixed baby greens and garden vegetables with our own mango-balsamic vinaigrette)
$ 10.95
Mixed Field Green with Gorganzola
(Mixed field greens, summer berries, Gorgonzola cheese and caramelized pecans, tossed with champagne tarragon vinaigrette)
$ 12.99
Lobster Bisque
(Crisp and refreshing lobster bisque with whipped mascarpone cheese and chives)
$ 10.99





Grilled Salmon with Wild Mushrooms

Calamari with Mint
(Napa cabbage, iceberg lettuce, mint, cilantro and a rainbow of fresh vegetables topped with crispy tenkatsu calamari and ginger dressing)
$ 19.95
Grilled Salmon with Wild Mushrooms
(Fresh Norweigeian salmon grilled to perfection with wild mushrooms and baby snapped peas with a caramelized butter sauce)
$ 34.95
Penne a la Vodka
(Fresh sautéed mushrooms over al-dente Penne pasta in a vodka-tomato cream sauce)
$ 21.99
Pollo Agro Dolce
(Sautéed chicken breast with a sweet and sour red wine sauce)
$ 27.95
Sicilian Pork Tenderloin
(Sicilian pork tenderloin rolled in seasoned bread crumbs and pan seared)
$ 29.99
Boneless Breast of Chicken
(Sauteed boneless breast of chicken with prosciutto sun dried tomatoes and fresh rosemary. served with a white wine garlic sauce and rice)
$ 25.99





Chocolate Mousse Cones

Crème Brulee
(Grand mariner crème brulée served with a candy shell and fresh berries)
$ 18.99
Chocolate Mousse Cones
(Chocolate cone filled with white chocolate mousse, milk chocolate, and strawberry mousse)
$ 14.85
Figs in Port
(Figs in port with a lemon brown butter tart and vanilla bean glace)
$ 11.95
Pecan Turtle Tartlet
(Pecan turtle tartlet with cinnamon crème anglaise)
$ 16.99




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