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As the popularity of computers and wireless devices grow among the general public, so does the security risk contained in all of the new emerging technologies.

The Bluetooth technology has been extensibly tested and provides several safeguards against security breaches, but similar to any other communication device it is not invulnerable.


Bluetooth Devices ~ Four Levels of Security : *


The Bluetooth device address (BD_ADDR)
48-bit address that is unique for each Bluetooth device and defined by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).
Private authentication key
128-bit random number used for authentication purposes
Private encryption key
8-128 bits in length that is used for encryption
random number (RAND)
a frequently changing 128-bit random or pseudo-random number that is made by the Bluetooth device itself


Bluetooth, being a relatively new technology isn't without its vulnerabilities in the security sector. However, as more manufacturers begin to design new products which take advantage of this new technology, the testing and resolution of such weaknesses will hopefully become less prevelent.


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