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The incredible variety of Bluetooth® enabled products range from simple hand-held computer peripherals, to household appliances, and even newly released automobiles.

Below are some sample products currently available on the market.

To find out more information about any particular item, click on the product picture to be directed to the manufacturer's website.


N-Gage Game Deck

N-Gage Game Deck


The N-Gage game deck features 3D multiplayer gaming with Bluetooth® wireless technology. This new creative wireless device is a step beyond any handheld gaming system and is compatible with numerous of the most popular leading game publishers.


2004 Toyota Prius

2004 Toyota Prius


The new 2004 Toyota Prius, equipped with Bluetooth® technology allows you to register a maximum of 4 cellular phones to make and receive hands-free calls through the touch-screen panel and steering wheel controls.

Logitech Mobile Bluetooth Headset

Logitech Headset


The Logitech® Headset with Bluetooth® technology provides a maximum of 7 hours of talk time and 1 month on standby time. If you would like to find out more about this item click on the image to be redirected to logitech's homepage.

Apple PowerBook

Apple PowerBook


The Apple PowerBook 12" comes with Bluetooth® wireless technology. This savvy notebook is housed in a lightweight aluminum alloy enclosure and weights only 4.6 pounds.

* Descriptions obtained from individual manufacturer's specifications.

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