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Bluetooth is rapidly becoming the new standard of wireless connectivity. The technology was designed to be simple and available to a wide range of consumers, from the computer professional to the novice. The simplicity of connectivity allows anyone and everyone to enjoy its benefits with minimal effort or training.

The Bluetooth technology is comprised of a short-range radio transmission that enables wireless connectivity between devices, providing users with a viable and inexpensive alternative to infrared (IrDA).

By simplifying the wireless connection and creating a virtually limitless array of products to connect to, this new technology will potentially have an ever-present effect on our future everyday life, allowing us to effectively blur the lines between our home, our office, and the outside environment.


Bluetooth Mission Statement:*

"Develop, publish and promote the preferred short-range wireless specification for connecting mobile products, and to administer a qualification program that fosters interoperability for a positive user experience."




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