Bluetooth Technology - Advantages
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The major advantages that the Bluetooth technology has over the current infrared (IrDA) technology, basically breaks down into two categories:

  • Range (or Distance)
  • dependency on line-of-sight

The reported range (or distance) limitations for Bluetooth at the moment is over 30 feet, where as infrared is limited to a 3 foot range. In order to establish a connection, two devices with Bluetooth wireless technology simply have to come within a 30 feet of each other and the connection is made. You can clearly see the applicable advantages to this even in the home environment.

In addition to the extra range that Bluetooth allows over infrared, it also provides a benefit that no infrared device can, by delivering true wireless connectivity without the line-of-sight limitations of infrared. No longer does a user have to worry about having all of their peripherals in the same room, but they can easily place products anywhere throughout the house or office and have complete unobtructed use.

Your laptop can now easily send information to a printer in the next room, or you could use your mobile phone to control your home alarm system, car, washer and dryer or any of the multitude of devices that are enabled with Bluetooth, with many more currently in development..


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