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For more than a thousand years, lighthouses have played a key role in our maritime history. It is believed that at one time there were over two thousand lighthouses standing in America alone. Although that number has dwindled dramatically, the diversity of locations where lighthouses can be found is a testament to their significance in both the past and the present.

Important factors include:

  1. Location
  2. Construction
  3. Relocation

Throughout the centuries, many different fuels and light sources have been used to bring a guiding light to those at sea.Today, we have many sophisticated ways of supplying energy to our lights of the coast, such as solar panels and fuel cells.

Point ReyesPoint Reyes light is no longer operational - it was deactivated in 1975 and a modern automated light was placed on the fog-signal building. Reaching this lighthouse requires a hike of about half a mile from the parking lot and a descent of over 300 steps.

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