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About this lighthouse:

In 1870 the United States Congress granted forty five thousand dollars for the construction of a lighthouse and fog-signal at Point Reyes (Public Acts of the Forty-First Congress, Second Session). The 35 foot tall light tower housed a first-order Fresnel lens. The focal plane of the light is 294 feet above sea level. Point Reyes light is no longer operational - it was deactivated in 1975 and a modern automated light was placed on the fog-signal building. Reaching this lighthouse requires a hike of about half a mile from the parking lot and a descent of over 300 steps.

Other Lighthouses With 1st Order Fresnel Lenses
Name Location Tower Height
Inubo-Saki Lighthouse  Cape Inubo, Japan 103 feet
Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse  Jupiter, Florida 105 feet
Robben Island Lighthouse  Table Bay, South Africa  59 feet 
South Stack Lighthouse  Holyhead Island, UK 197 feet
St. Bees Lighthouse  St. Bees Head, UK 56 feet

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