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Clayton Bailey
Images of Clayton's artwork Image of Clayton's artwork Robot Art
Clayton Bailey the artist in his studio
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Clayton Bailey
[Clayton Bailey in his Port Costa Studio]
about the artist

Clayton Bailey was born in Antigo, Wisconsin in 1939 and lives in Port Costa, California. Formerly a professor of art at Wisconsin State University, he is now professor emeritus of ceramics at California State University, Hayward. Bailey has received a National Endowment for the Arts Craftsmen’s Fellowship and an Honorary Fellowship Award from the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts.

In 1976 Bailey founded "The Wonders of the World Museum" in downtown Port Costa, where he lured tourists into the museum in a robot costume of his own design. Bailey has built over 100 life-sized robot sculptures out of found objects. He says, "I like to build beauties and monsters. I want to build robots that entertain and educate."

selections of Clayton Bailey's work
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Clayton's Artwork
video interviews of the artist
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Clayton Bailey
The artist describes how he got interested in art.  
Clayton Bailey
Bailey explains how he began making life-sized robot sculptures.
Clayton Bailey
The artist details the process involved in creating sculptures from found objects. 
Clayton Bailey
Bailey talks about the personalities of the robots he creates. 
more 306 degree panoramas

Robot on the Workbench (high-resolution) (1.4MB) (super high-resolution) (5.6MB)

The front yard outside Bailey's Studio (high-resolution) (1.4MB) (super high-resolution) (5.6MB)  
The backyard outside Bailey's Studio (high-resolution) (1.4MB)(super high-resolution) (5.6MB)  
More robots in the backyard (high-resolution) (1.4MB)  
links to artist's sites

View more of Clayton Bailey's artwork at, see metal robot sculptures, ceramics sculptures, and ray guns and sonic pop guns.

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