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June 2002

"Canvas Landscapes"
Jaap de Ranitz

* Opening Reception Friday, June 7th, 6pm-10pm

The works in the exhibition, Canvas Landscapes, present this concept from the examples of the Australian and Holland landscape series. For instance, the Australian landscapes contain visual suggestions of early photographic approaches without being nostalgic or sentimental in content. In some examples, the absence of depth-of-field emphasizes the overall structure of the landscape and creates an impenetrable image, while maintaining his Dutch mentality of cool, clean and crisp edges. In de Ranitz╣s Holland series, he captures the essence of flat, open, man-made landscapes with cloud-filled skies in the same manner as the 17th century Dutch painters, Salomon van Ruysdael and Paulus Potter.

In this exhibition, de Ranitz shows us the world cultivated with landscapes of nature and modern urbanity.


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