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** A meal cost is $ 7.00 per plate. A meal is comprised of 1 meat selection, 1 rice or pasta selection, and  1 vegetable selection. A vegetarian meal consists of 1 rice or pasta  selection, and 2 vegetable selections.**

Curried Spice Rice: A flavorful rice that accompanies any dish well

Curried Butter Rice : Fluffy rice with a wonderfully buttery taste

Gungoo Peas and Rice :A Jamaican delicacy of tiny peas, coconut and rice

Rice and Peas– A buttery smooth blend of red peas and rice

Ground Nut Pasta- Pasta in Ground Nut Sauce( hot, mild, or plain)

Ground Nut  Spice Rice- Rice in Ground Nut Sauce( hot, mild, or plain)

Sweet Yellow Yam- Warm sweet spices steeped in Jamaican Rum


Devil Beans- Green Beans laced with sweet peppers and spices

Steamed Callaloo- Cabbage— A mixture of Callaloo- a leaf that is grown in Jamaica and cabbage

Sesame Spinach Salad- A blend of sesame, pickled vegetables, and tomatoes

Jamaican Coleslaw- Mango and Lycee make this a truly delectable treat


Vegetarian Patties:  Pastry filled with flavorful tofu, blended vegetables, herbs and spices

Vegetable Jambalaya: assorted vegetables, vegetable protein, herbs and spices

Balah-  flavorful unleavened laden with crumbled spices


Curried Chicken: a balance of aromatic spices and tender chicken

Curried Goat: a highly flavorful and spicy delicacy. ( from mild to hot according to one’s preference)

Curried Lamb: lamb steeped in a delicate sauce of aromatic spices

Duckunoo: slightly sweet braised duck without the traditionally greasiness of duck

Jamaican Meat Patties: lightly spiced meat within a flaky crust

Jerk Chicken , Jerk Pork : Morsels of meat smoldered in earthy spices

Oxtail—chunks of meats nestled in a rich brown gravy

Spiced Beef-  Beef seasoned in hearty spices accompanied by sauce.


Crab Cake: succulent  of the sea within a delicate blend of spices

Jamaican Crab slaw: a tasteful blend of crabmeat, fruit, and mild spices

Peppered Broth Shrimp–highly spiced broth and shrimp --not for the faint of heart** subject to market prices

Coconut Shrimp- Sautéed Coconut,  Shrimp and Fruit** subject to market prices


Beverages: Guava Nectar, Mango Juice, Lycee Juice,Negril Punch, Blue Moon