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About Humming Bird


Humming Bird CBM  is a moving café that is based in Duluth, Minnesota.  All of our food is made from scratch, is all natural, and does not contain any preservatives. Our recipes have been handed down from generations within our collective family. Our novelty is that we bring the dining experience to you.

Our primary goal is to raise money by cooking, catering and selling Authentic Jamaican Cuisine to provide free and nominal fee Life Coaching and Behavior Management to area clients who would otherwise not be able to afford Holistic Approach  Therapy .

Much of the alternative therapeutic guidance that we provide centers around  the present state of emotions and the importance  of Grounding, Releasing, Aligning, Communication, and Joy. We help our clients recognize the  principles of living that helps one to  continue to harness motivation, success, fulfillment, self-reliance and balance.

Additionally, we help clients to find ways  in which they can  positively channel negative energy thereby opening up more opportunities for peaceful living.

Holistic Approach Therapy is available at CBM, INC - 206 W 4th Street Suite 204 Duluth, Minnesota 55806