A Taste of Honey

HJ_TwiceHaunted_coverlg.jpg THE NAUGHTY ANGEL RETURNS

Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

(eBook)ISBN# 978-1-61160-745-1

The naughty, matchmaking Fallen Angel from "THE NAUGHTY ANGEL MADE ME DO IT" is back!

Haley knows it's her choice, the shimmering light up above or a second chance at life on earth.

The tricky part will be fixing the past without changing the future.

She can right old wrongs, and catch the Scarlet A killer.

Becoming a one woman Charlie's Angels after her time in purgatory should be a piece of cake.

No sooner does she agree when her guardian angel smacks her into the dying body of the killerís latest victim.

She jolts to life, while the psychopath is strangling her.

Pure outrage, that she's not going to let him kill her twice, gives her strength to fight him off.

As he slinks away she realizes that he's crazier and bolder than before.

And who is she? She is no longer Haley Forkus. She has assumed the identity of the dead woman, a beautiful plus size supermodel named Haley Aims. And Haley Aims needs to save her soulmateís ass.

Alexi St Giles is a journalist working on the Scarlet A Killer story.

When he interviews the killerís latest victim Haley Aims he's hit by an instant attraction to sexy brunette with the big amber eyes.

When she begs him to take her with him, he's sorely tempted but knows he can't take advantage of her vulnerable state. Then after another attempt on her life he gives in takes her to his cabin to protect her. He tells himself he'll keep things all business, not jeopardize his professional ethics. But when she cries out in the night and he goes to comfort her neither of them can hold back. Their sex is hot and kinky, just the way he likes it. Sheís perfect.

Haley is back to catch with the Scarlet A Killer. Will she and Alexi be able to take him down, especially since she isnít allowed to tell Alex who he is? Will she make him fall in love with her? To find out read "Haunted Twice," the second book in the "Ghost Series."

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Rescuing-Amanda.jpg RESCUING AMANDA

Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

(eBook)ISBN# 978-1-60313-632-7
(Print) ISBN# 978-1-60313-651-8

FBI agent Donovan Steel is posing as the owner of Dominion, an BDSM club, to catch a serial killer. He's frustrated, horny, and striking out when a spicy bit of fresh air walks into the club. Amanda Powel, a tabloid reporter in disguise, causes a scene that attracts every red blooded male in the club.

Amanda, hoping to write a breakout story to get her back into legitimate reporting, has made several unsuccessful forays into the sex club. All the real Dom's are all leery of her and the wanna-be's just keep pissing her off. When a masterful hunk stalks her way, claiming her, she thinks her luck is finally changing.

Donavan decides to give Amanda a taste of BDSM to divert her and winds up getting hooked. Once they get started they're both in too deep. Through clouds of suspicion and lust they must learn to trust each other to solve the case.

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A-Taste-Of-Honey.jpg A TASTE OF HONEY

Whiskey Creek Press Torrid • Torrid Romance Contemporary

(eBook)ISBN# 978-1-60313-638-9     (Print) ISBN# 978-1-60313-657-0

A TASTE OF HONEY is a special edition of CANDY KISSES and ONCE IN LOVE WITH LAURA, two #1 Best Sellers from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid!

Honey Jans has put together two fantastic stories with an incredible amount of heat, passion, and sexual adventure. From the first erotically charged scenes to the last, these suspenseful story will set you ablaze. Come see what delightful pleasures await Laura and Nick, then Candy and Mitch on their erotic endeavors.

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Whiskey Creek Press Torrid • Torrid Romance Contemporary

(eBook) ISBN# 978-1-60313-170-4     (Print) ISBN# 978-1-60313-169-8
Cover Artist: Vinessa Riley

CIA Agent Melanie Webber's job is simple, go to a party, slip into the Shield offices, and download encrypted data. Tired of being only a computer geek at the CIA, she's contemplating a change of careers.

Ace Riser Delta agent is waiting in the dark for the assassin he's been assigned to take out. When she appears something about her doesn't feel right. Still he takes her down with a sedative, carries her to his van, and takes her to his safe house. Considering his troubles of late, he isn't taking anything on faith. Once there he searches her for ID and finds out she's a CIA agent. Shocked, but not surprised he tries to figure out who set them up. Melanie's big violet eyes open and he feels like he's been sucker punched.

Melanie looks back at the tall, dark, intense man who'd obviously kidnapped her, and dizzy from whatever he'd injected her with, and bursts out laughing. His frown makes her laugh all the harder. When he tells her someone set them both up, she thinks he's nuts. When she makes contact with her agency, and they both come under attack, she finally believes him.

They break contact with their agencies. On the run, sharing secrets and plans, their passion grows. Ace has suspected for some time that he's been targeted. Melanie tells him about some information that she's recently uncovered. They work together to bring down the moles in both agencies.

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Once-In-Love-With-Laura.jpgONCE IN LOVE WITH LAURA

Whiskey Creek Press Torrid • Torrid Romance Contemporary

(eBook) ISBN# 978-1-60313-328-9
Cover Artist: Rika Singh
September 2008 - WCP #1 Best Seller

Laura Brooks, stranded in Paris without a cent to her name, is in trouble. When she's approached to take a temporary position as a courtesan, she's more than tempted. The only problem is, she'll have to fake it sexually; she's never had an orgasm in her life. But, adventurous by nature and sexually curious she signs on for the job.

Nick Renault, a self-made millionaire, is still wounded after his divorce six years earlier. His sister-in-law, fearing he's turned into a workaholic drone, nags him into attending the courtesan auction. He goes just to shut her up, but when he sets eyes on the fiery redhead—obviously innocent and new to the game—he's taken with her. He hates the idea of her falling under another Dom's dominion and buys her temporary services.

Nick puts her through a crash course in submission and Laura, immersed in a new world of sexuality, finds her own feminine power. Nick, unable to get his fill of her, finds himself falling for the fire goddess he'd only bought to save.

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Whiskey Creek Press Torrid • Torrid Romance Contemporary

(eBook) ISBN# 978-1-60313-168-1     (Print) ISBN# 978-1-60313-167-4
Cover Artist: Vinessa Riley

Rafe Martinez, code named Diablo, is on a mission to infiltrate Silas Carvers backwoods survivalist group Proclaim.

Cynthia Cooper, rookie agent recently fired from Delta Star blunders into the survivalist's camp in the Smokey Mountains. Captured, she knows she's close to death as his leering men encircle her. Then she spots legendary agent Diablo among the pack and hopes that, even though he won't recognizer her, he won't let her die to keep his cover in tact. Her pleading gaze locks with his and he bites back a curse.

Diablo fights his way through the mob to save the innocent blue-eyed blond and claim her as his woman drawing Silas's suspicious amusement. It's the only way to save her pretty neck and keep his cover in tact. He puts the fact that she isn't screaming her head off, as he carries her to his cave, down to shock.

Cyn can't believe her luck. It might be a perfect chance to get back in the directors good graces by secretly helping Rafe. Alone with him in his cave she suddenly feels vulnerable, the sexual awareness between them hot.

Diablo finds himself falling for the woman he'd only claimed to save. Still, he can't chance letting her see his true colors. Besides, he can tell that she's keeping secrets.

Through clouds of suspicion, a mercenary bonding ritual, and enforced intimacy, Cyn surrenders to her need for Diablo even as she looks for clues to turn over to the agency.

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Candy-Kisses.jpgCANDY KISSES

Whiskey Creek Press Torrid • Torrid Romance Contemporary

(eBook) ISBN# 978-1-60313-318-0
Cover Artist: Rika Singh
June 2008 - WCP #1 Best Seller

Candy Warner comes home after a triple whammy of disasters, she's lost her job, her fiancé, and had her condo broken into all within a matter of weeks. Now she's come up with a plan to reinvent herself.The first item on her to do list is to find the perfect lover. As a former personnel director she's already decided on his qualifications; he has to be young and trainable, let her take the lead, and most importantly he has to be able to make her come.

Her well-laid plans go awry when the police suspect her of breaking into the cabin she's rented for the summer. Tackled, and lying under a very male body, if his erection is anything to go by, she gazes up at Mitch Hammond and wants to die. If there was anyone she didn't want to see or be felt up by, it was the stud she'd thrown herself at ten years ago. He doesn't even meet her qualifications. He's too old, too bossy, and way too Alpha Male.

Detective Mitch Hammond is amused to find that the burglar he's tackled is sexy Candy Warner. His body throbs against her soft curves and he knows that he has to have her. When he finds out about her quest to find a lover, and learns that he won't fit the bill, he's annoyed. He bends to kiss her, proving that he fits at least one of her qualifications; he can make her come. But can he keep her safe from the burglars who've been plaguing the area? Will Mitch be able to convince Candy that he's the man for the job? To find out read Candy Kisses.

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Torrid-Celebration.jpgA TORRID CELEBRATION!

Whiskey Creek Press Torrid • Torrid Romance Anthology

(eBook) ISBN# 978-1-60313-190-2     (Print) ISBN# 978-1-60313-189-6
Cover Artist: Jinger Heaston

Are you ready to party?? Join some of our bestselling authors in A Torrid Celebration! You'll attend a mysterious costume ball, a Twelfth Night celebration, and meet a hunky genie. You'll also be tempted by a passionate returning war hero; fall into a paranormal fantasy; and spend some time with a sexy cowboy. Don't miss out!

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Whiskey Creek Press Torrid • Torrid Romance Contemporary

(eBook) ISBN# 978-1-60313-166-7     (Print) ISBN# 978-1-60313-165-0
Cover Artist: Vinessa Riley

Bridget Jones is an agent for the secret government agency Delta Star. Her need to bring in Abdul El Sheriff, the elusive terrorist responsible for her best friends death, has become an obsession. When the director threatens to hand the case over to Condor a mesmerizing ghost agent who has the power to make her weak in the knees with one intense look, she desperately makes a deal to hang onto her pet case.

Condor knows the feisty redhead will be trouble. The inclination he has to put his slave bracelet on the hellcat is a red flag. His mission was to infiltrate an S&M club as a Dom to capture El Sheriff with a junior agent posing as his submissive. Instead, he's stuck with spirited Bridget who ignites all kinds of fantasies as he squares off with her.

Bridget smolders under Condors touch, as he puts her through a crash course on submission. Opened up to a new level of sexuality, she is shocked to find herself on the verge of orgasm draped over his knee. Condor aches to take her even though the sex on missions is supposed to be simulated. Immersed in the clubs sensual setting, passion and duty clash as they track their quarry. Will Bridget realize that there can be power in submission to love? Can Condor teach Bridget all his favorite sexual tricks without falling under her spell? To find out read Bound To Serve.

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