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The top secret, undisclosed, clandestine club for people who love the dark side of the Crazy One.  Members are hard to spot, often masquerading as normal people, but under their smiles and laughter, they hide a strong love for the dark side.  Dangerous.  Lethal.  Deadly.  Just like their leader.




Uniform is simple; black is a necessity.  Cloaks with hoods are an optional fashion trend.  Meetings take place every full moon.  Three easy rules; 1) You do not talk about Dark Club.  2)  You DO NOT TALK ABOUT DARK CLUB.  3) Always be nice to Billy.



Membership is easy.  Don’t call them, they’ll call you.


And remember, they’re always watching.







Dark Club is brought to you in association with the Virtual Asylum.  In no way is it a threat to the MCBAs although TEMPS may want to keep out of their way.  Membership is not exclusive to one group.  We know we’re the best, we don’t need to prove it. All pictures borrowed from other sources.  The A-Team owned by Stephen Cannell