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Well, first thingís first, read the rules.




1)    Please, please, please, if you are going to pick an episode to Fiver, please talk to me first since some would already have been taken.


2)    Please, please, please, if you ask to do a specific Fiver, donít let too much time pass between contacting me and writing it.Two, three weeks and if I havenít heard from you, I will contact you to see what is going on and find out if you still intent to fiver.Of course, exceptions can be and will be made, but you have to tell me if there could be or is a problem.I personally know that Real Life can be a pain sometimes, but if you are not going to do the Fiver, I would like to know because there maybe other people who are interested in that episode as well.


3)    Tell me if you want your email address posted along with the fiver in order for other readers to get back to you.Due to security and personal interests, I will not post any email addresses without the authorís permission.


4)    The most important rule of all is this; HAVE FUN!This is supposed to be a lighthearted thing, so donít growl like BA, smile like Murdock.


5)    If I ever think of a fifth rule, it would go here.



Right, Iíve Read The Rules, How Do I Now Proceed?


Simple, all you have to do is follow these very easy steps.


1)    Pick an episode you love.To do this, first you must read my rules above and then check out my current list which is here.If the episode you want is free then you can continue to the next point.


2)    Contact me.As long as the episode you want isnít already taken, I will put you down as a Ďguest fiverí.Email address is


3)    Probably the most straight forward off all the points: WRITE!!!WRITE!WRITE! WRITE!Got that?Good.


4)    Email me your finished Fiver.The address again is


5)    I read it.If I find any mistakes, spelling mistakes mainly, Iíll mail you about them.So donít feel alarmed by this.


6)    If everyone is satisfied (mainly the author, although most authors I know are never satisfied), then I will post it and tell you when it is up.


7)    You get yourself a Fiver and if you agreed have your email attached to it, then you may even get some feedback and comments.



I hope that is all very straightforward and I look forward to hearing from you.Thank You.HM