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Will, to put it simply, it’s an episode of The A-Team shorted down to five minutes.  On TV, an A-Team episode (with adverts) takes approximately sixty minutes.  What’s we’re now doing is transcribing these episodes for the internet, but reducing them to only ‘five minutes’.  The results, as you might imagine, can be somewhat hysterical. 





Simply because we can.  There is a lot you can poke fun at regarding “The A-Team” and we enjoy doing it, all in good fun of course, and not to be seen as degrading in anyway.  In my experience, most “A-Team” fans are more then able to laugh at one of two of the absurdities and realism problems that the show became well known for.



Who Are They For?


They’re for everyone, but especially written for fans of the show.  In my experience, these parodies are really only funny if you know the episodes.  However, there is no stopping anyone else reading them.



Who Are “The A-Team”?


If you’ve come this far, but still have no idea who or what “The A-Team” is, go here.



Who’s Idea Was The Five-Minute A-Teams?


Well, the initial concept of the Five Minute Parodies if COMPLETELY Zekes who started doing it for Star Trek Voyager and where I first discovered the concept.  However, the idea of transferring the concept to “The A-Team” is my idea (Hayley May), but I would not dare to try and rip off Zeke’s idea.



Now I’ve Read All Of This, Can I Try Writing An A-Team Fiver?


Well, since there is no way I could write fivers for all the A-Team episodes, guest fivers are more then welcome.  Send them to me and I’ll post them.  However, before all that there are some rules that you need to know and they can be found here.



Okay, I’ve Read The Rules, Contacted You And Written My Fiver, What Do I Do Now?


Well, simple, send it to me and I’ll post it. 



If there are any more questions you can contact me at the below address.