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Sexing your hamster

Figuring out whether your hamster is male or female is the most difficult thing you'll ever have to do with your hamster, lets face it, even pet shops get it wrong,your lovely little charles turns out to be a charlotte when shes gives birth two 9 little wriggling jellybeans.... you can see what i mean. I've tried to make things as easy as possible by taking pictures and drawing diagrams. sexing older hamsters is much easier than younger hamsters, mainly because of the size.The older they get the easier it is. To sex older hamsters (usually after 6 weeks)look at the shape of the body.Male hamsters tend to have a bulge at the back,whereas females are more rounded.

so you see the shape....but you hamsters are too little to have a shape like that...
you're gonna have to turn the hamster over and look at his or her underside.
You should find two holes, one for reproduction and one for excretement.In female hamsters, these two holes are very close, you may not even be able to see two.In male hamsters the two holes are at least a centremetre apart.

I Hope this helps!
p.s dustie's belly has nothing wrong with it...shes been feeding her babies.
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