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Finding Lost hamsters

Hamsters are well known for for escaping, especially from cages with tubes, or doors accidently left open.honestly its not the end of the world.My hamsters have gone missing for a good few days and turned up,and i have two cats and a dog.
The first thing to do is shut the doors,carefully, and watch your step hopefully your hamster will be in one room. search in the corners, under the bed etc behind cupboards. check the warm parts of the room. i often find my hamster under the floor boards in the airing cupboard.
Check places food are,or were, rucksacks or bags are a good place to look.

  • When you find him,put some food out, and call his name eventually he'l come patient.
    If you don't find him,remember hamsters are nocturnal, he may be sleeping, wait til night time and you may hear him then.Leave a certain amount of food out and you'll see if hes in that room by how much is gone. but remember still to shut the doors!
  • Catching your hammy.hamsters can't live without food, so use some food as bait.
  • Glass jars, if you have one big enough, are difficult for hamsters to get out of when propped up. by making a mini trap using a propped up jar with food in,and a way for the hamster to climb to get it, nd you should catch him.the same can be done with buckets and little ladders, once the hamster is in the bucket he can't get out.
  • you can buy humane mouse traps, which you put food in, and as the animal walks in, the door shuts. and you've got your hamster.
  • if nothing is working, put the hamster cage on the floor with the door open leave plent of food in it, you may find your hamster will happily crawl back in by himself.
    Always leave food out for your lost hamster. and water if possible.and always shut the doors!!
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