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Welcome to Suzi's Hamster help page.
The perfect place to find information about your hamster!
06/03/06 A polite reminder that the pictures on this website are copyrighted, and any websites that are found to contain my pictures will be reported. thankyou.
24/1/06 Unfortunatly I do not answer questions on hamsters anymore. please do not leave questions in the guestbook, they will not be answered due to lack of time
Happy hamstering!

  Dustie, female, shorthair sable, hamster.(RIP dec 2004)
    Wellington, male, longhair, ginger-brown white banded hamster.(RIP december 2005)
  Nonlin, female, short hair,dark-brown white banded hamster.(RIP 2nd january 2004)
  Connor, male, short hair,light brown-ginger brown white banded hamster.(RIP Jan 2005)
  Jake, silver -(RIP march 2005)



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