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Buying your hamster...

So you've got your stuff...Now time to go to the shop and choose which one of these cute little animals you want!
But firstly, read this and take note before you leave this info could be vital!

  • Serian hamsters are solitary animals, they only live on their own, hamsters left together will fight to the death. Your hamster wants company from you!
  • Ask the sex of your hamster, if the assistant doesn't know, find out by asking someone else, if all else fails use the sexing guide which will be on the site later. As a first pet male hamsters tend to be best, i havent had trouble with females, but i know people who have,Male hamsters make the perfect first pet for children.
  • Long hair or short hair? depending on how fluffy the little guy is.. you may have to brush him regularly, a tooth brush or baby comb works fine.if not brushed, the long haired hamster will become matted and need a hair cut.
  • Do not choose a hamster which is small and looking sickly, itll only cause heartbreak later. Ask the age if you can, and don't take one if he is below about 5 weeks.
  • Finally give your chosen hamster the once over, some pet shops will give a health check at the store, or one at the vet later,ask the assistant to show you the vital health check parts, shown Below
  • Check the eyes, ears and under the tail for any discharge, check how long the teeth are and check the hamster has all is toes (especially if you are planning to breed-should be 5 on the front feet, 4 on the back)
  • Now you've checked your hamsters is healthy, you're ready to take him or her home and put them in the cage to settle in. Its best to give them a day or so to settle into the cage and new smells and surroundings, before begining to handle him.
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