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Hamster behaviour

Hamsters like other animals have instincts from the many years ago when they were in the wild, heres a few things you might need to know.

  • Hamsters are nocturnal animals, this means they sleep during the day and are awake all night.this can be a pain especially when they belong to children! You can turn a hamsters sleeping patterns upsidedown simply by waking him up the same time every day.this way his pattern will change and you will see more of your furry friend!
  • Hamsters are hoarders, this means they store all the food they are given in one place,beware of fresh food rotting in the store because its not nice for the hamster.
  • Wild hamsters would hibernate when it gets too cold, your hamster too will hibernate if hes cold, so make sure your hamsters cage is at room temperature(ideally 19 degrees to 23 degrees) at all times, if its too cold for you...its too cold for hammy!
  • Hamsters are known for constant chewing on cage bars while you are trying to sleep! Hamsters do this to grind down their teeth, it can be discouraged by giving nuts such as hazelnuts, and boredom toys too. hamster wheels are good for the hamster and give him something to do.
  • In the wild hamsters are know to run miles in one night, it keeps them fit while searching for food. domestic hamsters however have no need to search for food, but wheels and balls give them the vital exercise they need, you can even get little cars and tracks for your hamster to run on!
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