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Now you have your hamster, heres some first care for him or her.

  • Baby hamsters are very shy and timid creatures, so..before you go shoving your big clumsy hand through the cage door to grab him, remember that his instincted will be to bite.
  • The best time of the day to start handling is in the evening when your hamster is fully alert, if you wake your hamster up, wait til his ears are fully opened out before picking him up

    you can see here that connor is still sleepy ...

    But wellington is ready for play!
  • when going to handle him or her make slow movements,take the top off the cage instead of using the door, and hold out your hand to him to sniff you,and with your other hand stroke his side(not his back becuase he can't see you)
  • Now eventually you will feel confident that he knows you enough for you to pick him up, now theres two ways you can do this, put your hand flat on the ground and have him walk onto you, or do as you have been and let him have one hand to sniff, and pick him up with the other hand.
  • use your eyes, if he goes to bite, pull your hand away, after a while he will know you are not food,help him out and wash your hands before touching him, so you don't smell of anything edible.
  • If he does bite, don't put him in the cage never to be touched again by human hand, put him back for now, then later try again, keep trying, theres nothing worse than an un-tamed hamster.
  • The best way to hold the hamster is to cup him in your hands, when he is young keep him as close to the ground as possible, because they do tend to jump.(see pic at the top) ...

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