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2020-AUG-01 v3.0.9 Updated for Android SDK 29

GreekToMeLiteRevisionHistoryA.pdf  Program revision history since v1.0.

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GreekToMeLite is a simplified version of the GreekToMe program.

Life isn't about Greek. It's about knowing God's will for your life and walking in it. You don't need to know any Biblical Greek, but Greek happens to be the language God chose to record His (new) covenant with mankind. Someday you may want to access the underlying Greek text used by modern Bible translations. GreekToMeLite allows you to do that! For those who once took a Greek class, GreekToMeLite puts what you memorized for the exam at your fingertips!

The following Bible translations are included:

Each Greek word is grouped under a Greek lexical word. (Think of it like the words 'sing', 'singing', 'sang', 'sung' all being grouped under 'sing'.) Scholars have assigned a number to each lexical word to make it easier to look up in a Greek dictionary. There are options to display the lexical word and Strong's Reference Number (SRN) or Goodrich/Kohlenberger (G/K) number in the Report Area.

The following (English) dictionaries are included:

The app's menus, dialogs, and help have been translated for French and Spanish.

Although it may be used as a springboard to access information on other web sites, once installed, GreekToMeLite does not require an Internet connection. A "Reader's Greek" mode is provided for those who can read some Greek. The Greek text is UBS4 or UBS5. (The KJV and YLT are not based on these but are included for historical reasons. The BBE is included for ESL readers. The LSG was an available French translation.)

Advanced users can add their own Bible translation files and Greek dictionary files that have been formatted for GreekToMe/GreekToMeLite. Those interested should become familiar with the full-fledged GreekToMe program for Mac OS X, Ubuntu (Linux), and Windows found here. There you will find GreekToMe.pdf (English only) that describes every feature of GreekToMe, which is the basis for GreekToMeLite.

The author has endeavored to produce this software without theological bias.

Tags: Greek Bible, Biblical Greek, Polytonic Greek

Android is a trademark of Google Inc. For those interested, a comparison between GreekToMeLite and GreekToMe may be found in Section 18 of the GreekToMe.pdf document. How to find this web page again:    (i.e. handy New Testament!)