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ok please excuse the plainly loking website and poorly edited photo it was created quickly to just show a idea. ok below you can see the current browser for guitar port. notice to the far right of the picture the wasted space where the desktop is still visible.

now here is what i was trying to say in the above post:

notice the original interface ("1") has not changed at all the size is the same as well as the tab so not much editing needed. the wasted space that was formerly on the right was replaced with sections of the guitar port online home section ("2") it can be possible to have this cycle between diferent "home" features every few minutes and/or possible comercials for guitar related products. lets face it even the big magazines have ads they help fund future projects, but eve in the magazines most if not ALL adds are related to guitar and ae not say adds for condoms, por sites, credit cards ect!

now at the bottom right you see a personal idea. a GPO member only chat box ("3") adds community and helps eliminate unrelated chat since members only can use this. how many joined a public chat like yahoo or the such looking to talk about guitar playing aspects? well i have only to have it eiter drivin off corse or pestered with private messages asking un related questions like age/sex/persoal description, verry annoying when i came here for was to discuss music! anyway it was just an idea and if it is not an option section ("3") can be replaced with anoter feature.

as you can see the screanwas maximized to cover the whole miniter size and hiding the annoying desktop (a personal pet peve of mine) witout changing the brouser much.