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Getting to know The Chef . . .

Toñing as a young boy was always found inside the kitchen, cooking his own favorite “merienda” or
experimenting on various foods that fascinated his curious palateHe was always made to be the “cook”
during his boy scout days when the troop went on camping.

Family and friends were aware of Toñing's special talent in the kitchen. Soon, they were asking him to
cook for their gatherings and parties in their own homes. This he did as a hobby enjoying every part
of it… from the marketing, food preparation and actual cooking.

Toñing grew up and became involved in the financial industry, but despite his busy work life and demanding
schedule, his passion for cooking continued to grow inside of him. He would take his family out every
weekend to try out new restaurants in town. The next day, he would experiment on the same dishes he
enjoyed and improved on them to fit his scrutinizing taste.

More and more family and friends were looking for Toñing's cooking. It was as if he was really destined to
be found in the kitchen… the special place he enjoyed even as a young boy.