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2 Fall Or Not 2 Fall
created by tenat_ternet

Some says, it bring us together.
Standing strong, in the stormy weather.
Shield and support, backing up each other.
his is how, they say, will make us STRONGER.
Through it too, we know the meaning of hatred.
Especially when, hopes and dreams are shattered.
By then, for those persons, nothing else mattered.
What's important, others too, must SUFFERED!!
So, what good does it bring to us?
When all its 'goodness', is ever ready to burst.
Spreading clouds of 'unhealthy' dust.
So, this is a feeling that people call a MUST??
Some says, compare to sugar, its even sweeter.
But just like sugar, its a deadly killer.
Before it 'kills', it'll make you suffer.
Curing is hard, isn't prevention is BETTER??
I've tasted the sweetness, the bitterness,
frustrations and also the happiness.
How one's life shattered, I was able to witness.
Well actually, its the life of mine, which is in such a MESS!!
Some had failed and some succeed, though the latter is fewer.
Those who succeed, the triumph sweeter.
But for me, if asked, will I be falling in love again, ever?
And for those who asked, probably the answer is...... NEVER!!
I've learnt my lesson well, though the wound would never heal.
To fall or not to fall, is for others to deal.
For me, there's life to live and history to seal.
By the way, for the person that hurt me,
there's no way to APPEAL!!


4 Someone That I Called Dear
created by tenat_ternet

To a person I call 'DEAR'
Tho some friends intentionally mispelled it as 'DEER',
This might not be the best poem you ever hear,
But I'm hoping that you'll be able to bear,
And please not to burst into laughter...

So many times I've hurt you, still remember?
yet through it all, surprisingly you are still there,
Whenever I'm down, you still lent me your shoulder,
You are always there and you always care,
Only God know if I'll be able to repay you, ever!!!

Remember the night when we talk to each other,
All the comforting words, they did make me feels better,
You've help me to get over stormy weather,
Tho all the words you said that night, I can't barely remember,
But something that you said that night, I'll kept them forever!!!

When I distanced myself, I felt something is missing,
Something that keep my heart go on beating
Feel like runnig back to you, but I kept on wondering,
Will you still there for me? Or.... Gosh!! The thought is frightening,
Well, I better ask you cause there's no use in guessing.

I didn't want to admit that I'm eager,
But as the day drew closer, it feels like getting longer,
My palm's sweating and heart beat is getting faster,
After all this while, I do feel like I'm a stranger,
God... Why don't you make the time fly a little bit faster...


created by Angelica M. Perdiki

I wish I were
the uneasy wave
that covers your thoughts
only to fill them
with sweet memories.

I wish I were
the silver moon
that dawns the ocean of your eyes
only to light and trace your road
in the grey mist.

I wish I were
the transient wind
that messes playfully with your hair
only to end up
showering your body with kisses.

I wish I were
the crystal tear
that rests in the iris of your eyes
only to come out
in torrents.

I wish I were
the wild dream
that caresses your nights
only to disappear
in the daylight.


created by Jena C Garen

Its taken me an eternity
for me to finally see
now I have a freind that means all the world to me
you held me strong
and dried my tears
listen to my problems
and calmed my fears
we've had lots of good times
and bad times...
close to none
the fun we have will never end because you are my bestest friend...


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Please email me to find out the ofered price....