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Fyrebird Farm
Fyrebird Farm
1st Show has been confirmed!

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fyrebird farm

-The 'Sales' pages has been updated. We now have two horses for sale. Also, under 'Show String' Haalima's pics have been added. Check 'em out!
-Well, we're back from BAAHCC. I had a blast! While showing wise it wasen't the greatest for us, that was only because I was able to witness some unbelievably stunning horses compete and it was an equal honor. We're currently working on traveling to more shows and expanding our showstring. Thanks!
-The 'Sales page has been updated.
-One and 1/2 more weeks until the BAAHCC!!! Can't wait! Hope to see you there!
-We have added a little notice to the bottom of this page. It regards the fact that you must have the font face 'Violation' installed on your hardrive to view the Fyrebird Farm website corectly. If not, it will look rather...odd. There is also a donwload of the font face, which we highly recomend on downloading. Beside's the fact that it lets you view this site in its fullest, it's a very versatile font that's quite eye-pleasing. Have fun!

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