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Age: 41

Birthday: January 29th, 1984

Gender: Male

Currently resides at: The Labyrinth

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 180 lbs.

Skin color: Peach

Eye color: A cold grey

Hair color/style: Grey, straight, somewhat anime-styled.  Has a few strands falling into his eyes, the rest sweeps up over his head to fall down to just above his shoulders. One strand on the left side hangs in front of his ear.

Race: Human

Build: A bit on the skinny side.  A wraith-type build and appearance.

Accent: A mildly British accent

Clothing: A white, short-sleeved tunic, belted with a grey metallic strip of cloth.  Grey slacks, grey ankle boots, and a silvery grey cape that falls to mid-calf.

Weapons: His psychic abilities, including the psychic shock that he can unleash on someone else’s mind.  He also carries an electricity gun, which can be set to anywhere from shock to kill.

Pet: None.

Favorite color: Grey

Favorite food: None.  He eats to stay alive, but has no favorites.

Favorite junk food: None.  He doesn’t have likes or dislikes about any food in particular.

Favorite music: Possibly classical, though he doesn’t express much interest in music anymore.

Hobbies/natural talents: Originally very empathetic, and able to sense someone’s emotions or mood easily.  He also had a knack for knowing what to say.  He used to write poetry, though that has fallen by the wayside since his splicing.  Right now, his main hobby seems to be a cold, detached vengeance on all foes of the Labyrinth, and his only talent, to lead the wide assortment of personalities under him.

Personality: Cold.  Detached.  Originally was a very sensitive, loving person, but lost his ability to feel or express emotions when his DNA was altered by Dr. Bryant.

History: Mortalis’ real name is unknown, except to him and Twilight.  He was the first child taken from the streets, and locked away for testing at the age of sixteen.  Two years later, he finally found a companion in Twilight, a girl that Bryant had captured.  The solitude continued for several years, the two’s only companionship in each other.  A year after Twilight’s capture, Bryant caught a small alien duck, only three years old at the time.  Mortalis became the father figure of the three, Twilight, the mother.  The odd three-some continued in this way for a time, almost happy, and Mortalis falling in love with his cellmate.

In 2005, Twilight was removed from their cell, on the basis that she was not progressing with the treatments as hoped.  Mortalis had to be tranquillized, and when he woke up, his only companion was the little alien girl.  He watched her almost obsessively, for Twilight’s sake, and a few months later, she was returned to the cell next to his, badly burned and delirious.  Mortalis managed to trick a guard into relaxing his guard for a moment, and very nearly killed Bryant upon escaping.  He was subdued eventually, and returned t his cage for a new series of shots.  Twilight was removed again, as was the little girl, and Mortalis spent the next six months separate from everyone he loved.  The treatments were effective, however, and he began to slowly lose all sense of emotion, even as his psychic abilities grew.  The awareness of what was happening made it even worse for him, and before he lost the ability to feel altogether, he swore he would ruin Bryant, and anyone else that stood in the way of him, or the others that had come to live there.

Mortalis spent the next fifteen years or so watching other humans and aliens alike be captured, tortured, and warped for the doctor’s purposes, finally gaining enough control over his abilities, and the others that the lab was destroyed in the Uprising.  The escapees spent about a month holed up in a cheap hotel suite with Bryant’s ready cash they had stolen, before Mortalis managed to buy an old warehouse.  He gave everyone the option of leaving or staying, and was unofficially decided to be the leader of the Alien Youth, as they now called themselves.

Currently, Mortalis spends most of his time ensconced in the Labyrinth’s Basement level, continuing to plot out Bryant’s destruction.  Sadly, both Twilight and Fox no longer seem to mean anything to him.

Likes: He seems to have a distant protectiveness concerning Twilight.  To the rest he is indifferent at best, coldly distant at worst.  He exhibits the same impassiveness about everything, not really choosing anything in favor of something else.

Dislikes: Anyone who threatens the Labyrinth, Dr. Bryant, and all humans outside the Labyrinth.

Most likely to be found: In his own room

Overheard: “Very well.  You may stay.”

“The Labyrinth is open to all who are no longer mere humans.”

“Don’t defy me.”

“Love?  I believe I felt that, once… but it was of no consequence.  Pity?  Just as useless.  What is pity?  Kill them.  Immediately.”

“Humans will never accept us as we are now.  We are far too powerful, and they will always fear that which is beyond their grasp.”

Voice actor: David Bowie

Splicer’s ability: Mortalis is a psychic, thanks to his spliced genetics.  He is apparently the most powerful psychic known to the Labyrinth.  His abilities include telepathy, clairvoyance, and projection – the ability to alter someone’s thoughts and feelings, though he can only accomplish this to a minor degree.  He is also able to project a ‘mental overload’ of sorts, leaving his enemies writhing.

Splicer’s failing: Though he can manipulate others thoughts and emotions, Mortalis cannot truly express or feel any emotions of his own, leaving him somewhat insensitive and detached from everyone, including his former love.


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Splicer profile Ó2003.  Created by FoxStar.