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Fox Argent


Age: Approximately twenty-five

Birthday: Actual birth month and day are unknown.  She has chosen March 3rd, 2000

Gender: Female

Currently resides at: The Labyrinth

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 165 lbs.

Feather color: Pale peach, with a silver fox’s head silhouette over her right eye

Eye color: A deep violet

Hair color/style: White, with shaggy bangs across the forehead, and hanging halfway down her back.

Race: Duck

Build: Slender, feminine

Accent: A smooth, mellow American, but she can change it, if the need arises

Clothing: Usually a royal purple jumpsuit, with long sleeves that end in a point over the back of the hands.  The sleeves and neckline are silver-trimmed, and she wears black boots that come to a point just below the knee.  Also wears a silver belt.

Weapons: A small wrist stunner and a modified laser gun.

Pet: One cat, named Echo

Favorite color: Violet

Favorite food: Fettuccini Alfredo

Favorite junk food: Mountain Dew and ranch-flavoured potato chips

Favorite music: Anything but Opera or Country Western!

Hobbies/natural talents: Fox is a natural artist, and enjoys to draw.  She also loves animals, gemstones, medieval history, and writing stories, or chronicling events.  She also loves to ice skate, and taught herself to play basketball.  She dabbles at writing music, and likes to sing.  Fox also has a quick sense of humor, resulting in her getting the upper hand in most verbal sparring matches.

Personality: Fox is an easy-going soul who is mostly upbeat, always courteous, even to complete strangers, and rarely bothers to worry about things as trivial as remembering what day it is, or if she has something on the stove.  Apart from being slightly absentminded, she is very bright, and can easily teach herself a skill or topic… provided it interests her.  She dislikes conflict, except when she has caused it.  She also has severe crashes into depression that worry those around her.  She becomes a completely different person, staying up till all hours of the night, running pins up and down her arms, crying, and hearing voices that aren’t there.  She always recovers eventually, but each crash seems to render her more fragile to everyday events.  Because of her abandonment, she cannot believe anyone really loves her.

History: Fox Argent was not born on Puckworld, despite being a duck.  As far as anyone knows, she was not given a name, and her real date of birth is unknown.  Testing has revealed that she is twenty-five years old, but the day and month remain a mystery.

Her parents abandoned her on Earth, as far as she can tell, at the age of three, where she was shortly picked up by the government for being an alien.  Before she could be moved to a secure location, however, she was stolen.

Much of this early information was gathered from various newspapers and a log of Doctor Bryant’s, the scientist that stole her.

She was mostly tested and studied until the age of eight, when the doctor decided to begin treatments for a new type of Splicing ability.

The first experiments to change her form resulted in changed hair color.  The now nine year-old’s hair turned pure white in a week’s time.  The next trial resulted in the odd marking over her right eye.

After the first two failures, she was left alone for several years, simply left to her own devices.  By this time, the scientist had developed restraining collars, so the tamest of his subjects were allowed to roam the lab, knowing that misbehavior would cause a painful electric jolt.  Fox had no real name up to this point, and was simply nicknamed ‘Patch’ because of the eye marking.

At twelve, Dr. Bryant started in on her again, having experimented with others, so as not to harm his prize specimen.  At this point in time, she was finally transformed into a fox.  The scientist had to tinker with  the mutagenic formula for three more years, and got it to the point that she could spontaneously turn from a duck, to a fox, and back.  He used her to further refine the process, and got the formula down to a one month series of shots that would turn an ordinary human into a morpher.

By this time, Doctor Bryant had close to twenty test subjects, all but one of them human.  A few were Cyborgs, but most of them were Splicers.

When ‘Patch’ was sixteen, her best friend Twilight gave her the name she uses now – Fox Argent, Argent meaning ‘silver’ in French.

Fox escaped with the others at twenty, and moved into the new haven called the Labyrinth when it was first bought in 2021.

She spent four years in relative quiet, learning to live life for the first time, but still having to hide, because of being a duck.  Most recently, however, she has learned of the team called the Mighty Ducks… and is continuing to watch them, despite warnings from the Leader.

Likes: Being left mostly to her own devices, cats, listening to music, listening to the rain, reading, sketching, talking to her friends, playing cards, watching movies, and Duke.  She really likes him… and the other ducks too, but definitely him.

Dislikes: Nightmares, feeling depressed, the voices in her head, Dr. Bryant, Country Western music, opera, mushrooms, tomatoes, conflict, people following her up staircases, and bath sponges.

Most likely to be found: In the Chronicle Room, writing.

Overheard: “It’s okay, I’m the abnormal one.”

“Foxy lady.  Hah.  Hah.  You’d better start running now, Phoenix…”

“They don’t have talking foxes where you come from?”

“I’m having a crisis here!  I’ve… misplaced my boots again.”

“That’s for the remark about bath sponges…”

“I said something rather good over coffee… what was it, exactly?”

Voice actor: Laura San Giacomo

Splicer’s ability: Fox can turn into a small silver fox.  The transformation takes place in a flash of blue light and causes a quiet sound like the wind.  She can only change back and forth if she is well-rested, and morphing takes a bit out of her.  The spliced DNA also caused the odd marking over her eye, and her white hair.

Splicer’s failing: Just as Fox can change forms rapidly, her emotions can change too.  She has a fragile psyche, and suffers from terrifyingly swift mood swings, occasional paranoia, and many bouts with depression.  Her health is also a bit fragile.


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Splicer profile Ó2003.  Created by FoxStar.