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40' Sloop Sailboat for sale...

Last update... 20 Sept 2K2

Sorry to all... The Boat is now SOLD!!!

Here is some info on the boat.

It is located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. The hull was cast in 1978 and was slowly worked on since then, it is not finished and has never been in the water. It was a one mans dream in his retirement to sail it to Fiji.... he never made it, passed away a few months ago with this unfinished dream. I am a friend and have been asked by the family to help find it a good home.

It is an "Amor 40" fiberglas construction designed by "Fred Amor", the ballast is of concrete and an extra 3,000 pounds of lead. The engine was reportedly new at the time of installation, it has never run, is not completely connected but was turned over regularly. Holding and fuel tanks are installed but not secured, tanks are made of fiberglas.

The mast and boom are made of aluminium and beside the boat. Some of the rigging can be seen on the floor of the wheel house.

We had the boat appraised by a professional sailboat builder and are offering the boat for sale at $35,000.00 (or best offer) as is, where is with all equipment on it. The boat may not have to be moved if you would like to continue construction at its present site.

Name: Buccaneer III. (not printed on hull)
Hull & deck built: 1978

LOA: 40'

DWL: 30'

Beam: 12'

Draft: 5'

Ballast 10,000 Lbs.

Total Displacement 26,000 Lbs.

Freeboard FWD 5' 11"

Freeboard AFT 4' 8"

Head room 6' 6"

Wetted area 304.9 ftsqr.

Sail area 748 ftsqr.

Water 250 Gallons

Fuel 300 Gallons

Sail area/wetted surface ratio 2.45

Pounds per inch immersion at OWL 1140Lbs.

Lateral Plane 104 ftsqr.

Center of Lateral plane AFT DWL 15'9"

Prismatic coefficient .45

24hp to drive hull speed, 30hp-100hp recommended.

Engine: 4 Cyl 68hp Izzu Diesel

Outside side shots
Outside stern
Outside upper deck fwd
Outside upper deck aft
Inside Engine
Inside Aft Cab
Inside Main Cab
Inside Galley & Head