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Calamity Era

Forbidden Skillz Clan

Welcome to our site.  This is the homepage of us of course.  Just look around n chill...

You can't fuckin hold me back now
I'm free and away from you
and away from the blind eye
I may only see life in grey but you see all colors...that become fake in the end
No, its not over, not until I'm gone
not until we're gone
survive this era and die the happiest of lives

Calamity Era Forbidden Skillz Clan


The full name of this crew:  Calamity Era Forbidden Skillz Clan

Schools associated with: Bonita, Eastlake, and Gompers

Grade Range: 7-10

What do we do: We do all of the mighty 4 elements.  Breakin, Dj-in, Mc-in, and Graffiti

Just a lil bit of info if you wanted to know...




Here are our Bios n Intros, Click on their pics to go to their Sites:



    Koopa~~ Popper, Locker


    Quickness~~ Bboy (Style, Poses, Power)


  Pooks~~ Bboy (Style n  Poses)


    Eranetik~~ Bboy (Power, Style, Poses) , Popper




    Zirus~~ Bboy (Poses n  Style), Popper (Boogaloo Variations, Tutting, Robotics, Tickin)


    Junior~~ Bboy (Power, Styles, Poses)


    Saidist~~ Popper (Tutting, Hittin, Boogaloo), Locker


    Frostbyte~~ Popper (Boogaloo, Tutting, Liquid, Tickin)


    Limit Break~~ Bboy (Style n Poses)


    Content~~ Bboy (Style n Poses), Popper (Liquid)


 Whip~~ Bboy (Power,Style,Poses)






    Lancer17~~ Bboy (Style, Poses, Power, Blowups), Popper (Boogaloo, Robotics, Tutting, Hittin, Tickin, Liquid)