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Welcome to the EF-X team website.

We are a small team of programmers and designers, that have ventured in writing cool digital audio effects mainly for the kX audio driver environment - a superb and completely free driver for most of Creative's SoundBlaster Live! and Audigy/Audigy2 sound cards that transforms your PC into a powerful digital audio recording studio including very low-latency ASIO support, a great arsenal of digital audio effects, and the possibility to write additional effects with the included dsp assembler. It makes full use of the internal digital signal processor of the sound card, rendering it a perfect tool for audio recording and production.

Our team is a very new initiative, independent from the kX team, and our effects programming experience is at its initial stages, nevertheless we are very inspired and enthusiastic to continue expanding our work in the field of digital audio.

We are always open for new members and new ideas, so please share everything related to digital sound that comes to your mind!